Are you trying to find the perfect something for the Christian in your life?

Looking for the perfect gift for a god-fearing family member or friend? Check out this guide for a full list of Christian gifts that they'll love.

Giving gifts to your loved ones shows how much you cherish and love them. You might also choose to give to show them how you love and cherish them. You're sure to find a great gift, whether it's for a birthday or another special event.

Gifts also act as ways to help them remember about their love and their faith. They can come as small trinkets and other items that they can bring with them. Christian gifts today no longer have to be so traditional.

Here at ILJ, we offer some of the most fashionable gifts for any god-fearing man or woman. Today, we will look at some Christian gifts. This is to help you spur some ideas on what to give today.

A114 and A122 Monogram Watch

To start with this list of Christian gifts, we go first with the watch. Giving a watch serves as a great practical gift for any recipient. You can use it as a keepsake to wear while playing up with the functionality.

Simplicity is one of this particular watch model's notable attributes. While it may be simple in appearance, it can also carry itself well as an elegant accessory.

You can see this in action with the A114 watch and its gold trim. If you're looking for something fashionable, check out the A122 watch and its mesh metal band.

An interesting note to include here is how you have a monogram on the watch that acts as both the brand and a reminder. In this case, a reminder that professes how much one loves God and His Son. It offers a valuable message in a small package.

H105 Leather Tote Handbag

Looking for the perfect Christian gift for your mom, sister, or girlfriend? Give them a functional but sleek gift that goes well with her outfit. One of the best things you can give a working woman is a handbag.

Our H105 Leather Tote Handbag consists of real cowhide and multiple functional pockets. It comes in a pleasing light purple color and an ILJ logo chain. That special woman in your life can use this for everyday use and necessities or a night out.

A107 V-Neck Moisture Wick Shirt

When looking for Christian gifts for women, consider the v-neck moisture wick shirt. This is great for women who often exercise and engage in intense physical activities. After all, you would need a shirt that can help absorb the moisture and sweat produced.

These shirts have ways of helping the wearer with their workouts. First, they can keep the body dry with how it draws out sweat. This helps when the shirt is both water-resistant and breathable.

Next, it can ward off bacteria due to how it minimizes sweat. This also means reduced body odor. Finally, these shirts can also help with regulating body temperature.

W101 Women’s Leather Wallet

This works well as a gift to celebrate faithfulness in managing resources or as a gift with the prayer to bless. Whichever route you go for, a wallet serves this practical purpose. This leather wallet is one of the possible suggestions that you can try out.

The wallet is a symbol of one’s source of wealth and provision. Giving a wallet to someone is a way to wish them well, as well as an opportunity for one to impart a blessing.

Along with this fact, it is also a fashionable accessory. This particular wallet is among the many styles that you would find. That special lady in your life can even use this as a clutch for a night out.

Books and Devotionals

Going beyond clothing and apparel, a helpful gift to give someone would be a meaningful book. For the friend who loves to read, give them devotional books or wisdom books. Here at ILK, we have great titles from renowned authors and leaders.

For instance, a good example of this would be the books by John Maxwell. His field is more towards Leadership. It has inspiring details about his journey as a Christian and as a leader who leads others.

You also have other books that provide wonderful insights. Check out each one that brings a message that helps you and your loved ones to grow deeper and better as people.

This can also help readers to look at Christianity from a different perspective. This can reinforce both faith and action in the process. You won’t go wrong with a book, especially if it's about faith and how you put them to action.


Giving a copy of the Bible as a gift helps reinforce and assure one’s faith. Having a copy of the Word as a gift has its weight with you as the one giving the copy. It is one thing to give someone a Bible, but more so if the receiver is a Christian.

Before giving a Bible, there are some things to consider first. It has to be readable and in its best condition. Giving someone a copy of the Scripture is an incentive to read through it and study it with diligence.


To go with the personal devotion, a journal can help with that process. It works out as a great gift to give alongside a Bible. They can use the journal for anything, though its main use is to reflect on what God reveals to them.

Providing them a tool to help them in their spiritual journey is a great gift idea to push for. Consider this along with these other gift ideas to show how you value and love them.

Try Out These Ideas for Christian Gifts

With these ideas for Christian gifts, you might have a clue on what to get for your friends and loved ones. The thought and the purpose go hand in hand, allowing you to become a channel of blessing in one way or another.

With these products, you would be able to find a fitting gift idea. Check out our shop for a great selection of items and apparel that you can try out yourself or to a loved one.

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