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Updated: May 10, 2023


This statement rains true based on the way many Christians approach their relationship with God. When we're in trouble or need something material, worldly, or spiritual, we tend to petition God for an immediate answer and response. We use popular prayer references like "we need you right now," "don't delay," etc. Our needs seem to always escalate to the top of God's priority list, and when not answered in our timing, we feel disappointed and let down. We often excuse this behavior by citing that He is God and it's his job and desire to take care of those he loves. While I admit the "love" part is right, God's plans are much bigger and brighter than just addressing the immediate request. Does God care; "Absolutely," will He address some request immediately, "Surely," but what about us? Let me explain.

The bigger, brighter picture is YOU! God desires that no man (man or woman) should perish but that all would be saved. The fact is, all will not, but when God created man and woman, that was His desire. The fact that God allows us to have free-will will disqualify those who choose not to acknowledge Jesus as the Savior. Now, let's deal with us as Christians. God's plan encompasses participation, He has already paved the way through His Son Jesus, but our participation is required to follow the paved road while encouraging others to join you on the path. The road is finished, as long as you stay on the road, you will eventually get to the destination God intended, where there is a reward waiting. More importantly, even if you stray off the road, God's grace and mercy can lead you back and still reach His intended destination for you.

Having said all that, we are still very slow to walk steady-state on the path that Jesus paved. Worldly things and desires quickly become distractions causing us to pray and ask God to have patience with us; we'll get it together very soon. Soon becomes later, later becomes months, months becomes years, and some never make it at all. You've heard it stated that "patience is a virtue," and while that may be true, no man or woman knows what tomorrow will bring; we can't afford to not be on the road paved by Jesus even if God's patience is long-suffering.

God expects us to have the same sense of urgency to do His will as we want Him to address our concerns, prayers, and petitions. God doesn't need patience; He embodies everything that represents patience. We can't afford to be patient as it relates to us acknowledging the Lord Jesus and serving him. Have patience with your fellow man or woman but have a sense of urgency to follow Christ.

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