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Updated: May 10, 2023


I wish I could say I've never thought my struggles would bring me to the point of; "Is life worth living" but that would not be truthful. The truth is, I've had those thoughts, they may have only happened once or twice in my lifetime, but the thought did cross my mind. Struggles are "Real" and nothing to be ashamed about. It's essential to understand; struggles have no respect of person; they don't just affect the poor, rich, black or white, tall or short, woman or man, east or west coast. So at some point, regardless if you want it or not, struggles will visit. So in today's blog, I want you to know YOU'RE NOT ALONE.

I don't define what struggles are because they vary from person to person; they come in a broad spectrum without form or fashion. It's unpredictable; you don't plan for it or get preparation time to adjust and develop a workaround. It just comes, and no one is ever ready for its effects and impact when it arrives. However, YOU'RE NOT ALONE. Everyone has struggles. Some do a great job concealing their struggles, while others are more outward facing and transparent about what they are going through. Regardless of your situation, you need to understand that God can and will strengthen you through your time of struggle, even when you may not have the strength to reach out to him for yourself.

Most people think they're alone and the only one in this situation when they're going through it. That is a lie and the enemy's trick to make you feel isolated, alone, hopeless, and without any support structure. God is the support structure and will dispatch angels and people who have been through something similar to help you. However, in times of struggle, you CANNOT GIVE UP. Consider this; God in the flesh, in the form of Jesus (the Son of God), is about to be crucified with the weight of the world's sin on Him. While in the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus's flesh started to struggle thinking about what was to come causing him to pray with so much conviction and passion sweat of blood was running down his face. The struggle was so real, not once, but three times he petitions God the Father. Is there any other way (I'm paraphrasing the story)? So my point is God himself understands the struggle and has directly experienced it through His Son Jesus.

IMPORTANT: God did not withhold or prevent Jesus from experiencing struggle but did deliver him with His Resurrection Power. The good news is we will not have to go through the struggle that Jesus did, having to pay the penalty of humanity's sin. However, the message to you today is that God still sits on the throne with the same power to deliver you from your struggle with Jesus on His right side as our advocate and support structure. Don't let struggle overtake you, but when you find yourself in a struggle, use Jesus's example; stow away into a quiet place, package your situation and every negative thought from the enemy, and place them on the throne of God's mercy and grace. He will never leave you or forsake you. Struggles are REAL, but so is GOD, who can deliver you. Pass this along to someone needing to hear a word of encouragement today. God Bless!

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