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If the title is a bit confusing, don't worry, we'll bring it all together before we finish. Let me first start with what a Father is and then what is a "Good Father." To keep it plain and straightforward, a Father is a man or in spiritual terms (God the Creator) in relation to his child or children. When you add the word "Good" before the word Father, this thrust and entirely different perspective on the topic. The world defines "Good" as someone having good qualities required for a particular role, or someone who is morally right or righteous, maybe even morally excellent. However, the Bible defines "Good" very simply: "PERFECTLY MORAL. By this definition, all men were disqualified from being a "Good Father" before any of us even had children. To further drive home the point, in Mark 10:18 Jesus replies to having been called "Good": "And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God." Essentially, God, the Father, is the ONLY one perfectly moral. No argument from me on that point. Praise the Lord.

Okay, men, don't be dismayed; the topic is not intended to break you down but rather lift you up. So, we don't qualify as "Good Fathers," but we can definitely be "Great Dads." All the people on the earth are God's created children. Still, each of us who have been entrusted with God's children, either biologically, through adoption, or spiritual adoption, we have been given an enormous opportunity and responsibility. God saw something in "YOU" to entrust His children in your hands with an expectation that we would follow after the characteristics of God's goodness toward those in our care. We are not perfect, and as Dads, we will not get everything right, say everything right, do everything right. However, we can give all we have toward loving those in our care. You don't have to be perfect to love, care for, teach, mentor, etc. It starts with being present and available when God thrusts you into the position of fatherhood. The Good Father (God) will then help and train you in the ways that are good and acceptable to Him. He will never let you down if you continually seek Him in all things, especially how to raise and train up His children.

Think about this, the God of the universe and all creation has entrusted His children in our care. Those He considered slightly below the angels. Just like you know each of your children, their strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and such. God knows them even better and can provide the type of guidance and mentorship to help you be a great Dad. Seek His counsel today. He is waiting and, more importantly, eager to assist.

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