Our Expertise

Our team expertise starts with FAITH in Jesus.  Through him we have assembled a team of professionals comprised of high ranking military officers, business executives, spiritual leaders, and future entrepreneurs and scholars. Our business expertise spans from marketing and business development, program management, financial strategy, as well as planning.

Our Commitment to Results

Although we are a for profit organization, the business focus is not profits.  It is centered around changing the world conversation so that the name of Jesus becomes preeminent in everyday conversations.  We accomplish this through the ILJ Christian Products and Apparel arm of the business.  These products create ministry moments; a very natural way to start a conversation about Jesus.  Our commitment is to excellence and never to let profits overshadow our mission.

Our Philosophy

The ILJ philosophy is simple; exalt the name of Jesus above every other name and give back so the love of Jesus may be visible to all.  We will conduct business in accordance with the Bible ensuring honest practices while maintaining the highest level of integrity. 

Our Team Experience

  • 37 years in Business Managerial and Director positions within the DoD industry

  • 45+ years of military leadership

  • 24+ years of Pastoral Leadership

  • 10+ years of event planning and coordination 

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Our Team

We love Jesus! We were led to start ILJ by the inspiration of the Lord in 2014. Our objective is to bring glory to His name by making Jesus an eminent part of every day conversations; we like to call those ministry moments. This phenomenon happens very naturally when someone is wearing or has an ILJ product and is asked: "What is ILJ". That's the moment when you get a chance to say something about Jesus that otherwise would have been uncomfortable to initiate. The products are merely a vehicle to start a conversation but also act as your personal declaration that you love Jesus and not ashamed to show it. Romans 1:16

Wanda DA Hills

Co-Founder, President

Hello, and thank you for inquiring about the I Love Jesus team. I am Wanda Hills,  and I am proud to say that I have been married to my wonderful husband Robert, for nineteen years, and we have two busy teenagers named Ashley and Ryan.  My mission is to help spread the Great Gospel and let all people know that our Heavenly Father loves us beyond measure. As the ILJ movement continues to grow and reach more people, I’ve had the opportunity to see how powerful the name of Jesus is. Please pray for us at ILJ, and we will keep you in our prayers also.

Phone: 850 218-3272


Robert B. Hills

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

I am an Ordained Deacon who has worked in the private business sector for 37 years.  God has blessed me tremendously over that time and in 2014 gave me the vision for ILJ.  My CoFounder and lovely bride adopted the vision and has been my backbone to stay the course amid trials, tribulations and disappointments.  I realize when God gives you a vision, it's not a mistake but requires perseverance.  When He spoke to me in a dream, I immediately rose and designed the signature ILJ logo with the single blood drop that represents how "One drop saved my life" I am eternally grateful to the Lord for this ministry.

Phone: 850 240-7646

Board of Directors

Business Advocates and Spiritual Counsel

  • Robert Daniels

  • Adrienne Daniels

  • Pastor, Larry N. Boldin

  • Kim  McLaurin-Eaddy

  • Angela Reliford

  • Marva M. Hills

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