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ILJ Headquarters


About 30 miles North of the Atlanta Hartfield/Jackson Airport in the great city of Alpharetta


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 24/7 (Online Store)

Sunday: Administration Closed Phone: 850.240.7646 or 850.218.3272

ur Story

ILJ, I Love Jesus, Christian Products & Apparel, LLC, (aka ILJ Luxury Handbags) began in 2015 at S4P Ministries in Florida after hearing a message stressing the importance of Christian's not shrinking back. We wanted to do something to encourage the believer to stand boldly and from that objective was born, ILJ Christian Products and Apparel. We truly want to thank the S4P family for their love and support..    Many thanks to Pastor Larry N. Boldin


Our Mission

Provide a beautiful line of products that are fashionable and can change the world's conversation by incorporating the Name of Jesus, the only name with the power to change someone's situation or circumstance. When people see a beautifully crafted item, they always inquire. In our case, when they see the logo they ask, what is ILJ, at that moment you get an opportunity to introduce the name of Jesus into the conversation in a very natural way. We call these ministry moments and why we say, we're more than a brand.

Our Handbags & Accessories

All our Christian Leather Handbags are made of high-quality Italian leather, beautifully constructed with high-quality hardware and latches with built-in versatility focused on style and functionality.  Our handbags and accessories are intended to be more than just a fashion statement but rather become a conversational piece that happens to be fashionable. 

The Community We Serve

Everyone.  We believe God created the world and everyone in it with no respect of person.  Therefore, we look at everyone as our neighbor regardless of creed, color, ethnic background, or social status.  ILJ is for everyone who desires something different and with purpose.  We provide local support to people in need, nursing homes, churches, and small scholarship funds to help college students in need.

The Owners

Husband and wife duo who love Jesus and high fashion. We're everyday people wanting to leave a positive legacy for our children and those around us.  We believe your legacy should be comprised of more than what you have or own but rather your impact on the world.  We at ILJ Christian Leather Handbags are pleased to be doing work for the Lord.

Core Scripture:  Roman 1:16 For we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation, first for the jew in then the Gentile.

ILJ Luxury Leather Handbags
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