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Women Styles (Esther Collection)


The Romantic Compact

When an evening out is more than just another night on the town.  When you look great, you feel great, and your handbag is part of the solution

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The Sophicated Satchel

When style matters and being fashionable is part of your everyday norm. ILJ Luxury Handbags is just for you.  Stand out from the crowd and let our handbags do the rest.

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The Bold & Beautiful

Let your personality flow with this handbag, and it will compliment you where ever you are, and in any venue


Versatile & Stunning

When others say don't do it, and you do it anyway because you're not afraid to stand up for what you believe.  This is the perfect handbag for you

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Men Styles (JOB Collection)


All About Business

Sometimes it just time to work, and when that time has come, you need a companion up to the task.  ILJ, I Love Jesus, Men's collection is right for you.


The Work & Play Brief

When you're in a casual setting but you gotta get something done, this ILJ Satchel will do the job.  Durable and stylish so you can do the work, and then transform to play mode.


Friends & Fam Backpack

Sometimes friends and family aren't as helpful as you would like.  When those times come, you need a friendly companion  


Restoration Satchel

When the load is off and your feeling better, this ILJ backpack satchel is just right to a quick trip or afternoon of rest and relaxation.

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Sleek Backpack

Regardless of venue, work environment, or setting, this ILJ backpack will draw attention and get the job done


Young Adult

Simple Elegance

When being you is good enough.  This ILJ handbag is just the right size to carry all your essentials while looking your best.


What People Say About

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Ryan B.

*****The service was amazing

Received my order within 1-2 days of purchase.  It also came in a beautiful clear acrylic handbag container which was an added touch as this was a gift.  To my surprise, the ILJ team also put some accessories free of charge in the handbag, now that is what I call great quality service and how to get repeat business!  Not sure why more people don't know about them because their website says they been around since 2015. Glad I found them!!!

ProductID E105 (Black)

Gold Sandals


***** This is my new favorite handbag. The style is very chic. The little bag that came with it is a nice touch.

ProductID W2406

Model in Brown

Tam N.

***** My Winter go to Handbag

Ladies, this bag will be my go to bag for this season.  When I received this bag it was everything and more of what I expected it to be.  The quality, and craftsmanship is nothing less than luxurious.  I get so many compliments.  Thank you ILJ for your continued standard of excellence in all your products.

ProductID E105


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