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We are moms, dads, brothers, sisters, professionals, young, older; everyday people with one common denominator; "We Love Jesus".  On His name, the name above all names, and the only name by which man can be saved, we unite in this MOVEMENT, we call ILJ (I Love Jesus).  

Our mission began in 2014 with an objective to unite the body of believers in Christ to not be ashamed to lift up the name of Jesus; not just on Sunday but everyday.  It first started with making a personal declaration that you love Jesus and are not ashamed.  Romans 1:16

The ministry quickly grew and gave birth to ILJ, I Love Jesus. We are the world's premier Christian Products and Apparel Company offering a variety of Christian inspired products and apparel that bear our signature logo "ILJ" I Love Jesus.   


ILJ is the symbol behind the movement "I Love Jesus".  When displayed on products or apparel, this is the world's recognition of the community of believers not ashamed to profess our love for Jesus, our Lord and Savior.


Important: Wearing the symbol comes with a responsibility to live a lifestyle after Jesus.

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ILJ, I LOVE JESUS, Christian Products and Apparel Company is much more than just high quality products.  We offer our buyers an experience; a chance to witness for Jesus simply by wearing the new era of Christian Products and Apparel, ILJ.  It's really not about the products, but more a personal declaration that you are not ashamed to profess "You Love Jesus" to the world.  The products merely give you a visible artifact that the world can see.   

ILJ Academic Scholarship

Where a student's faith and education unite to achieve God's purpose

We are pleased to announce in 2021 the introduction of the ILJ Academic Scholarship. This scholarship will award up to three (3) deserving students under the age of 24 a minimum of $1,000 towards their college education for demonstrating excellence in scholastics, while modeling their life and behavior after Jesus.

As the scholarship fund grows, the ILJ committee will decide whether to increase the number of scholarships awarded or may elect to increase the value of the scholarships.

Christian Products & Gifts
Christian Products & Gifts
Christian Products & Gifts
Christian Products & Gifts
Christian Products & Gifts

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship Applications

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How is the scholarship funded

In the example below, the scholarship fund receives two funding sources; 30% of profits from the online ILJ store and 100% of all free-will donations from external contributors (i.e. businesses, individuals, corporations, etc.) will go towards the scholarship fund and administration. As the fund grows the potential exist for additional scholarships and awardees but the minimum distribution will remain year over year.


Thanks for Visiting ILJ

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and see what we are all about.  We pray our mission and objective to exalt the name of Jesus above every name will continue to bless the world but more importantly please our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

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