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Updated: May 10


As Christians, we need to break down the paradigm that modeling your life after Jesus means giving up all things considered fun and enjoyable. The fact is, it is just the opposite. Modeling one's life after Jesus, opens up an entirely new set of parameters and opportunities to experience life more abundantly; John 10:10 "...I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly." These words represent that modeling your life after Jesus, results in not only a "Good Life", but rather an abundance of a good life when following Jesus. What is excellent about the words in John 10:10 is that Jesus has the power to make it HAPPEN!!! Maybe, more importantly, He offers this without you or I having to endure the same travesties He experienced going to the cross.

We've all spent time, money, and energy trying to have an abundance of "Good Life." If you're honest with yourself, sometimes it worked, but more often than not, it hasn't entirely produced the results we were seeking. Even in times of bliss and enjoyment, they are usually short-lived. Have you ever wondered why? Let me offer this explanation; just like our life on earth is temporal, we can only produce temporary results. Jesus, who is eternal, can produce lasting results; therefore, providing us the abundance we all seek. Knowing this fact, why on earth would you not follow after Jesus??? I get it; some people don't believe in Jesus, and that is their prerogative, but you who do, what is your excuse? Come on, the time is now. Jesus delights in giving great things to those who love and follow Him.

Let me make this more personal. When I was out there enjoying life and thinking this is it, I've made it. My life took a turn; divorce, disappointment, struggle. I then realized the best I could do was temporal. Thank God I had a praying Mother who helped me pull it together. My life is now unbelievable, great wife, great kids, more success than I could have ever imagined, and those things I gave up pale compared to those things received. In other words, I now live in abundance, thanks to Jesus. The difference is, I chose to follow Jesus, and so can you.

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